Fight over a song!

The director and the producer of 'Will You Marry Me?' have clashed over whether or not to retain a particular track in their movie

It's been almost two years since Will You Marry Me? began and now that it's finally ready, it faces an Atom Bomb (the title of one its tracks!) threat.

Rajeev Khandelwal, Mugdha Godse and Shreyas Talpade
in Will You Marry Me?

Director Aditya Datt wants to drop the song as he feels the length of the film is turning out to be too long. The producers however are keen to retain it.

Bangkok shoot
Apart from tightly editing the movie, the director felt Atom Bomb that has been filmed on Rajeev Khandelwal, Shreyas Talpade and Mugdha Godse can be easily deleted. Celina Jaitly is also part of the cast.

The deletion of the track has been a source of major consternation with the producers as the song was shot in Bangkok during an outdoor especially for it. As the makers had incurred an expenditure of over R 40 lakh for the Thailand shoot, they were keen that those portions remain.

Price to pay
Says producer Vipin Jain, "I was upset as after spending huge amounts of money, Aditya wanted to remove the track. The co-producer Krishan Chaudhery and me had a joint meeting with Aditya and Shreyas."

As the director and the producer appeared to be having major differences, Shreyas, too, stepped in to resolve the issue. Along with Aditya, he tried to reason it out.

Adds the producer, "They made me realise that it is for the benefit of the film and now after a great deal of deliberation, have decided to go without the track." So the Atom Bomb issue has finally got diffused!

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