Film on Buddha to be turned into a TV show

Back in 2010, it was announced that Ashutosh Gowariker would be directing a film on Buddha. The filmmaker had already started working on the script but later he opted out of the project. Then Shekhar Kapoor was approached to be part of it but the film never took off.

Shekhar Kapur
Shekhar Kapur

But now there is a ray of hope for Buddha as the producer of the film, B K Modi, has decided to revive the project.

Ashutosh Gowarikar
Ashutosh Gowarikar

Says a source, “Project Buddha will now not be a film but a tele-series of 50 episodes of one hour each on a leading entertainment channel in India. Each episode would be like a film on its own about the life and times of Buddha and how much he achieved in this world.”

Adds the source, “Also, all the efforts that Ashutosh had put into the project -- including his inputs and research -- would very much be part of the project.” 

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