Pune International Film Festival begins series today with lecture on eminent literary figure Vijay Tendulkar; organisers to shortlist writers of Indian as well as foreign origin for future editions of movie extravaganza

In a first for the PIFF, the organisers have decided to start a lecture series on eminent writers from this year onwards. And to begin with, a memorial lecture on late Vijay Tendulkar will be delivered today. 

Jabbar Patel, Director of PIFF said, "We have been thinking about introducing a lecture series on eminent writers for a long time. We decided to start with Tendulkar as he is a renowned scriptwriter, drama writer all over the world." 

Man of many moods: Renowned writer Vijay Tendulkar in differnt moods. 
Tendulkar began his career as a journalist. In his writing career 
spanning over five decades, he penned 27 full-length plays and 25 
one-act plays

They plan to select an eminent writer of Indian or foreign origin for the future editions. In the lecture series well known scriptwriters, film writers will come to talk. Vijay Tendulkar was a renowned movie and television writer, literary essayist, political journalist and social commentator in Marathi. 

He is best known for his plays, Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe (1967), Ghashiram Kotwal (1972), and Sakharam Binder (1972). "I'm happy that they are doing a lecture series on Vijay Tendukar as people need to know about him more, especially the youngsters. He is not only a Marathi writer but his work is well known all over the world," said Vijay Joshi a fan of Tandulkar.