Finally, NOIDA gets eyes in the sky

After a long delay, CCTV cameras have become functional and traffic personnel are making full use of the technology for curbing violations and crime on roads

After all the delays, CCTV cameras installed at 40 different strategic and vital locations in the satellite town of Noida started functioning and cops are making full use of them. According to the police, in the last few days, the cameras have helped them to a great extent in streamlining the flow of traffic and checking other offences.

You're being watched: Of the 122 cameras installed, 48 can pan, tilt,
and zoom. File Pic

Date hassles
After missing the previous two deadlines earlier this year, a team of trained police personnel is now keeping a close eye on the public through these cameras. According to superintendent of police (traffic), Avadesh Kumar Vijeta, in the days ahead,  challans will also be issued against traffic violators, with the help of these cameras.
"In the first couple of days, we are using the footages from the cameras only to make Noida congestion-free. On Thursday, there was a huge jam during the peak hours near Film City. There were no traffic cops to regulate them. Camera help was taken and within minutes a traffic constable was sent to the site. The cameras will have a large role to play in the city to maintain law and order. The cameras will come in handy in areas that are prone to criminal activities like chain snatching, eve-teasing or vehicle snatching," Vijeta informed.

The data from the cameras will be available for 30 days. This is a first-of-its-kind venture in the state, the cameras being monitored at the police control room opposite Sector-14A. Initially, the cameras were expected to start operation from April, and then the dates were postponed to July.

A good start
Fifteen police officers have been stationed at the control room at sector-14A to keep an eye on the CCTV footages. Strict monitoring of traffic as well as incidents of illegal activities will also be carried out. Apart from traffic violators, cops have also issued a warning to eve-teasers, those drinking at public places and other anti-social elements roaming about in the city.

All cameras have power back-up and will be operational round-the-clock. Of the 122 cameras installed, 48 can pan, tilt, and zoom, while the rest are fixed. The cameras will be a boon for the short-staffed traffic police, with barely 115 police personnel manning 92 traffic signals, T-points and crossings.

Key locations for the cameras
Two cameras, each at different locations, have been installed at Sector 18, Sector 12-22 crossing, DM residence crossing, crossroads of Sectors 8, 10, 11, 12, Atta Peer crossing, T-point of Botanical Garden Metro Station, Metro Hospital, Sector 12 and Reliance-Adobe crossing. All entry and exit points of Noida have also been brought under surveillance.

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