Finally, a viable bus service for RLA College students

After Radhika Tanwar, a DU student, was murdered in broad daylight last year in March, a proper bus service was promised for students in a month's time, which became functional recently

A proper bus service was promised by Delhi University authorities to be started in a month's time after Radhika Tanwar, a DU student from south campus, was murdered in stark daylight on Women's Day, March 8 last year, for lack of a viable transport facility for students. Tanwar was shot at on the Satyaniketan foot-over-bridge, which she was crossing in order to reach college as there was no direct bus service till Ram Lal Anand (RLA) College.

Troubles over? Ram Lal Anand College on south campus. File pic

With nothing been done for more than a year after the incident, in the backdrop of the issue, the authorities have recently, from October 1, increased the frequency of the mini-bus service from two to seven trips of the campus each day, as winters have begun. 

The bus service will now begin from 7.55 am in the morning and will be on round till 6 pm in the evening, as opposed to the earlier morning and afternoon rounds. D C Varshney, deputy dean, Students' Welfare, said, "The DTC bus service then proposed by the university could not work out till now due to lack of funds and proper infrastructure. For the time-being, in order to solve the issue, we have increased the old mini-bus service to seven trips a day."

Adding further, he said, "The bus, with a capacity of 30-40 people, will start from the campus to INA metro station, from where it will ferry students from the colleges on the way. The bus is always jam-packed with students throughout the day." Surprisingly, none of the colleges have been notified of the new transport service and there are no signboards with timings put up at the bus stops or college gates.

"It is still a dark situation as far as safe transport for students is concerned. No information regarding the updated transport facility has been passed on to us. As for the knowledge of students, out of a 100 only two are aware of it, but even they have not had a chance to step on it till now," said Prof Harish Dhawan, Ram Lal Anand (RLA) College. 

South campus, he added, has two evening colleges, which function till 7.30 pm. There is no way the students can be expected to walk down in the winters till the Satyaniketan foot-over-bridge, which is a stretch of one and a half kilometres.        

Kumar Pranav, a student of RLA (evening) college, said, "We do not know of the bus timings, though we have seen the bus moving around. The bus is always seen full of people while many students are seen standing on the footboard. With only one bus to ferry so many students of the evening college, it is impossible to solve our problem."

The bus route
Starting at 7.55 am from the campus, the bus reaches INA Metro Station at 8.15 am. From there, the route of the bus will be - Sri Venkateswara College - ARSD - Maietryi - JMC - RLA - MLN. The last bus will start at 5.40 pm from the south campus gate to the INA Metro Station. 

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