Find out what Salman Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit are up to

Salman Khan appeared to be in a tearing hurry on the way to an event in Bandra. Fashionably late or was it just to get through the paparazzi? Whatever the reason, the star rushed in, jangling his trademark bracelet. PIC/ SHADAB KHAN

Act like you don’t care!

Sonam Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana visited Welingkar Institute in Matunga to promote their upcoming film Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi 

Animal instinct

Animal rights activist Maneka Gandhi with wrestler Sangram Singh, who was signed up as brand ambassador for an animal care centre. 

Back to school 

Madhuri Dixit at a city school to promote education for the girl child

What’s on the other side?

Kunal Kapoor looks through the lens during a promo shoot



  • Jhonny02-Mar-2014

    Sallu:lemme go...toilet pls..mera jeans barbaad ho gaya..but,sir the rumor is you even shit gold,let us cover that also... Sonam: I am the only diva in the pls focus on me I can't wear a bikini in such said that would be pushing it too hard... Sangram: I am also an animal singer...I sing..they sleep..they can call me the singsong sangram.. Madhuri: Try be like me stainless eternal queen..still killing all the bills..but don't forget your education girl

  • Jhonny02-Mar-2014

    Kunal: I don't understand I am this super hot dude in real life...the camera is conspiring against me...I will bring my own camera next time...

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