Finnish divers find German submarine lost in 1915

Helsinki: A group of Finnish divers on Thursday claimed they found the wreckage of the German submarine U-26, which sank in the Gulf of Finland nearly 100 years ago.

Badewanne, a Finnish diving research group, told Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat that the wreckage was found in the western part of the Gulf of Finland, Xinhua reported.

The German submarine was built in May 1914, two months before World War I broke out, and sank during the war in August 1915.

The U-26 was the pride of Germany since it bombed and sank four Russian warships in the Baltic Sea during its one year of service.

The submarine, with a 30-strong crew on board, disappeared without any trace.

According to local media, Jouni Polkko from Badewanne speculated that the submarine was most likely destroyed by Russian minefields, which were deployed to block German warships from entering the Gulf of Finland.

German authorities have tried their best to obtain information about the U-26 since it went missing, but had not found anything during the past century.

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