Mumbai: Twenty-four out of total 33 crew members on board an ONGC supply vessel at the Bombay High off the Mumbai coast were rescued after a major blaze broke out in its engine room today.

However, there were no casualties in the incident which occurred in the afternoon. "While 24 out of total 33 crew members were evacuated by ships in vicinity of the vessel, nine members are still on the boat. However, five out of them are fire-fighters," said Coast Guard spokesperson Deepak Sharma, adding they all are out of danger.

"The ship was at about 200 km west of Mumbai when it intimated a major fire in the engine room which was raging. Though no casualty was reported, the situation warranted fire-fighting as well as evacuation of the crew. A total of 33 crew members were reported to be onboard," a Coast Guard statement said.

After the Indian Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre at Mumbai (MRCC-MB) received a distress alert from the supply vessel of ONGC in the afternoon, it swung into action and launched fire fighting operations. Sharma said the Coast Guard's regional headquarters at Mumbai immediately diverted its aircraft ex Air Station Daman on surveillance to assess the situation.

"Further, MRCC-MB coordinated with the ships in vicinity," he added. In addition, the Coast Guard aircraft communicated with the vessel to obviate any emerging panic and also with the vessels in the vicinity to render assistance, said Sharma. "'OSV Great Ahalya' responded to the call to evacuate the personnel.

Coast Guard ship on patrol 'ICGS Achook' was also diverted to render assistance. In addition, 'ICGS Sankalp' and 'ICGS Samudra Prahari' equipped with major fire fighting as well as pollution control capabilities have been sailed with the dispatch," as per the statement.

"There was some smoke inside the vessel, but the situation is totally in our control," Sharma said. He said the "fire-fighting system was still active till 8.30 PM" and that smoke was still coming out from the ship.