It took a devastating fire to take the glasses of 'ignorance' off the BMMP's eyes that could not see the imminent security threat till the last month's blaze that reduced the BMTF office to ashes.

Firetenders outside the BBMP headquarters on November 19

Coincidently, the day when Deputy Mayor S Harish's Prada glasses worth Rs 70,000 went missing from Palike premises, the civic body decided to fortify its free-for-all headquarters on the lines of the Vidhan Sabha, spending Rs 1.5 crore.

Now the BBMP administration committee has decided to construct an 8 feet metal barricade around the office along with installation of CCTV cameras. They also plan to frisk of all visitors. The administration committee has been monitoring the security measures since the freak fire accident took place.

Ironically, at a meeting convened by the deputy mayor Harish to put an end to the criticism emerging from various quarters, he lost his expensive glasses. Presuming that it was stolen, Harish who has had no luck with the CCTV footage also.

"I had got my glasses for Rs 70, 000 and the lens alone would cost Rs 40,000. Hence, we are thinking to improve our security in Palike," said Harish.

He further added that the Palike will be made full-proof security zone. "Earlier, the fire broke out and now my reading glasses have gone missing.
Before things get even worse, we have decided to fortify BBMP. Other civic bodies in North India are very strict when it comes to security checks. Visitors will be subject to frisking," he added.

The opposition, which was waiting for another opportunity to embarrass the ruling BJP in council, attacked the decision to fortify the BBMP complex.

"No public has access to the Palike's inside affairs. Hence this expenditure is nothing but a waste of public money at this juncture when the Palike is facing acute shortage of funds," said Rizwan Nawab, deputy opposition leader, BBMP, adding that the move was 'nothing but eyewash, a waste of public money'.

Security lapse?
On November 19, a freak fire broke out in the BMTF station in the BBMP head office, the ruling BJP had to face criticisms from all quarters for the lapses. The security measures were the point of concern.