'Firecrackers' spark panic as Parisians flee from memorial

London: Panic sparked among mourners holding a vigil at the iconic Place de la Republique in Paris as they fled after reportedly mistaking firecrackers for gunfire on Sunday night.

The Telegraph reports that the collective panic was a 'false alarm' that was sparked by the explosion of some firecrackers nearby which cause the mourners to flee from the spot.

Some in the vicinity even dove for cover fearing gunfire and stayed low for several minutes.

Armed police move in to secure the area as panic spreads at Place de La republique in Paris in on November 15, 2015, as people gathered in remembrance of those who wewre killed in the November 13 terror attack. Photo: AFP

A French security official said someone had reached out to police in the square out of panic, and when officers arrived with weapons drawn, the crowd dispersed in fear, as per reports

Meanwhile, panic broke out in a nearby Cambodian restaurant as well, which was one of the scenes of gunfire on Friday night.

Parisians have been coming out in strong numbers to protest and show their solidarity to the victims of the horrific 13/11 attacks.

Despite the governments order for people to 'stay inside' as much as possible, mourners have been gathering without fear in large number, chanting slogans, raising banners near iconic structures across France.

The world as well has come together in sending their support to Paris and has unitedly condemned the carnage that took place on Friday the 13th.

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