Los Angeles: The first official picture of upcoming American horror sitcom "Ash vs Evil Dead" has been revealed.

The first image of loveable rogue Ash (Bruce Campbell) in the Sam Raimi-created continuation of the "Evil Dead" movie was unveiled by Entertainment Weekly.

Ash - complete with his infamous chainsaw in hand - hits the road with new sidekick Pablo (Ray Santiago) and the unpredictable Kelly (Dana Delorenzo) to fight for humanity in the forthcoming Starz show.

The trio will face not only an undead horde, but also the vengeful state trooper Amanda Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) and the mysterious Ruby (Lucy Lawless).

"Ash vs Evil Dead" will take place in the franchise's continuity many years after the events of 1992's "Army of Darkness".

It was recently announced that "Ash vs Evil Dead" will be making its Comic-Con debut later this year.