After NCP and Cong agree to rotate post, Deputy CM Ajit Pawar ensures his party will get the first chance

After an agreement between the NCP and the Congress to rotate the chairmanship of Standing Committee among corporators of both parties, NCP MLA Bapu Pathare yesterday made clear that the first chairman would be from his party.

The leader said Baburao Chandere, Vishal Tambe and Balasaheb Bodke were three strong NCP contenders for the powerful post. 

"Although a consensus has been reached between both parties that the chairmanship of the Standing Committee will be given to corporators of both parties, the first chance will still be given to the NCP," Pathare said. "Local Congress leaders have agreed to this."

He added that the agreement was thrashed out between Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, who is from the Congress, and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, who is from the NCP.

"Pawar clearly said that the first opportunity would be given to an NCP candidate," Pathare said. "Therefore, there is no question of local Congress leaders opposing this decision." 

Although the duration for which each party will hold the chairmanship is not yet decided, NCP insiders said the party was not keen on giving the post to the Congress candidate for more than a year.

The Congress is demanding the same duration for its chairman of the Standing Committee as the NCP will get and proposing a time period of two years in the post for both parties.