First tragedy at brand new pool

Kaizer Morkar (65), suffered a heart attack during his routine swim at the Shivaji Park pool; authorities say he should have revealed his heart condition

Tragedy struck the newly inaugurated Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Olympic Swimming Pool at Shivaji Park yesterday when a senior citizen died of a heart attack at the pool.

Last swim: Officials realised something was wrong when regular
swimmer Kaizer Morkar complained of uneasiness after just two laps
and signaled the lifeguard for help. Pics/ Satyajit Desai

Kaizer Morkar (65), a swimming enthusiast, arrived at the pool as usual at 6 am and started his routine swim.  However, according to authorities, Morkar experienced some kind of uneasiness after two laps, which raised an alarm.

"Morkar was swimming as usual when all of a sudden after two laps he complained of uneasiness and waved his hand to the lifeguard for help," said Milind Shahane, the manager of the pool.

Rajendra Diwekar, the on-duty lifeguard then rushed to the spot and carried him out. Morkar was rushed to Hinduja hospital. However it was too late as he died within minutes of reaching the hospital.

"In his statement to us, Morkar's son Hafizuddin has revealed that his father was suffering from a heart condition and that he had no complaints against the pool authorities," said Senior Inspector Suresh Unawane, Shivaji Park police station.

The police officials added that they were now waiting for the autopsy results from Sion Hospital.

However, pool authorities were astonished when they were told that Morkar was ailing from a heart condition. Expressing their surprise, Shahane said, "Before admitting applicants to the pool, we ask them for a medical certificate to ensure that they do not suffer from major health problems.

"If he developed a heart condition after 2000, he did not make us aware of his condition. If we had known about this then we would have restricted him from using the pool services."

The revamped pool
Shiv Sena executive Uddhav Thackeray inaugurated the pool after it was shut down for five years for repair and renovation. The new pool has four pools � racing pool, diving pool, warmup pool and pool for kids. In addition to this, there are also facilities like viewer's gallery, changing room in this pool.

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