Fit and fab

It's not just women who ogle at Akshay Kumar and his physique, it's also the men. Dino Morea is one of them. He tells CS, "Contrary to popular perception, fitness isn't about beefed up bodies.

Anyone can build biceps in the gym, but what you need is good stamina. I think that Akki is one of the fittest men in B-town.

He does a lot of functional training that's great for the body and heart." And it's not only Khiladi Kumar who has impressed Dino.

The handsome hunk has some compliments for ex-flame Bipasha Basu. "She never used to work out at all. But now, she's taken to fitness like a fish to water. And the results are showing." Well with such fit men in her life, that's to be expected, Dino.


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