New York: In a story that is surely making a lot of people’s day pretty hectic at the Microsoft headquarters, a 5-year old kid reportedly figured out how to bypass the account restrictions meant to keep him off of his Dad’s Xbox One.

The trick? When asked for a password, he pounded the space bar a bunch of times, then hit enter. For some crazy reason, this punching worked. Time and again.

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It has been learnt that the Microsoft has taken the bug seriously and awarded the tiny tot a security researcher credit after the bug was patched.

A quick glance at Microsoft’s security acknowledgements for March lists confirms Kristoffer Wilhelm von Hassel.
He’s one of few individuals on the page whose name doesn’t link to a Twitter account, since he too young to have a Twitter account.

It’s not like the kid found some buffer overflow that let him execute remote code and turn the Xbox into a toaster or whatever. But he tried something, and it worked, and he knew he’d done something he wasn’t supposed to — enough so to admit he felt a bit nervous about the whole thing.