Newcomers Kranti Prakash Jha, Arti Puri and Deepak Singh wowed the contest winners of mid–day Premiere Nights, a contest that gives readers an opportunity to watch new Bollywood films with its star cast.

At the special screening of Once Upon a Time in Bihar which was held at Carnival Cinemas on Thursday evening, actress-turned- producer Neetu Chandra (back after a hiatus from the Bollywood arclights) interacted and posed for selfies with her fans.

Neetu and Nitin Chandra with fans

When asked about her absence from the silver screen, Neetu said, “I was sick of repeatedly doing the hotty, glam doll type of roles and was keen to do some meaningful cinema when I stumbled upon this script-driven drama. I feel that our audience desires rich, quality-driven films, and hence I jumped into the fray with support from my brother, Nitin, who directs this film.”

Neetu and Nitin Chandra
Neetu and Nitin Chandra 

Kranti Prakash Jha who plays a Bihari youth in the film says, “People have just heard things about Bihar. Our film gives them the opportunity to see, feel and empathise with the youth of Bihar which is often misunderstood in other parts of India.”

On inquiring about which of the three friends are protagonists in the film, Kranti declared, “The script is the protagonist of Once Upon A Time in Bihar.”

Shadaab Patel with his daughters Raiqa and Neymat

Arti Puri who plays Kranti’s love interest in the movie says, “We want the audience to feel the resentment of the youth of Bihar. A decade back, the state was notorious of unemployment, corruption and lawlessness. Lacking opportunities in their own state, the efficient and skilled looked for opportunities elsewhere and have settled outside.”

Deepak Singh who plays another Bihari youth, remarked, “The educated guys couldn’t get jobs in Bihar. When my character goes to other states for employment, he faces racial discrimination within his own country. Ultimately he returns to his home state and along with his buddies they commit a crime themselves, much against their own values and beliefs. This film deals with the reasons why the people in other parts of the country have a biased image of Bihar. ”

Kranti Prakash Jha and Aarti Puri

Neetu Chandra summed it up saying, “Thankfully, this dreadful situation was a decade back. Things have greatly improved all over the country. “

Veterans Ashish Vidyarthi and Pankaj Jha and another newcomer Ajay Kumar also star in this political crime thriller which released this Friday.