Flights to and from Mumbai domestic airport delayed by over an hour

Oct 16, 2015, 22:47 IST | A Correspondent

It proved to be a frustrating and tiring Friday for passengers travelling to and from the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport's domestic terminal with flights being delayed by around one-and-half hours.

The delay may have been gradually reduced, but the effect of the incident was expected to be understood only by 11pm. The delay occcured due to an unoperational Boeing 747 breaking down while being towed by the ground staff at around 4.15 pm from the primary runway after the maintenance work was done.

The tow bar of the Boeing got damaged and the aircraft could be moved only after almost after 45 minutes once a new tow bar had been arranged.

The situation worsened since the primary runway was closed due to routine repair work and the secondary runway was being used.

"A Notice To Airmen (NOTAM) was issued and the primary runway that was to be operational from 4pm was delayed to 6pm resulting in major delays. Secondary runway 14-32 is not as capable as the primary runway ro handle traffic hence delays are observed on every Fridays," said an ATC official.

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