Don't be surprised if you find your local gajrewali beaming these days. Floral hair bands, clips and elaborate headgear that is a trend with fashionistas across the globe, have reached our shores

They've popped up on hair bands, scrunchies, and even clips. Flowers have sprouted everywhere. Considering various other retro trends, like wide-legged pants, Wayfarer sunglasses and Cadillac-finned vintage glasses, are back it's about time we started flaunting flowers as well.

Katrina Kaif dons a huge flower during a promotion of the film Zindagi
Na Milegi Dobara, to compliment the bohemian look that she portrayed
in the movie

The trend draws inspiration from the Hippie era that transcended the '60s and the '70s. But closer to our times, at the Prince William-Kate Middleton wedding, elaborate hats and other hair adornments decorated with flowers, were spotted by guests, helping fuel this fashion accessory trend.

Huge flowers are statement pieces and one needs to match them with
the attire without appearing over the top. Sonakshi Sinha got it right
when she wore this floral accessory with an all-white ensemble to a
wedding reception. Pics/Satyajit Desai

"Hair bands, especially, are a big trend now. Indian woman have always been comfortable wearing flowers in her hair. It's the easiest way to dress up your hair. So there's no doubt that they are in trend. Feathers too are quite in fashion internationally," points out accessory designer Shilpa Chavan of Little Shilpa.

Chavan, who had created an entire line of floral pieces last season (Summer 2011) adds that the trend is here to stay as many international labels are showcasing their Spring Summer 2012 lines with garments influenced by everything tropical, including flowers. A few of these labels include Oscar de La Renta who combined white and yellow flowers with billowy dresses and gowns at the New York Fashion Week.

Flowers are great accessories for a bohemian and summer look (think, Taylor Swift). But it's also easy to pair them with saris for an Indian look (see Sonakshi Sinha). Depending on what material is used to make the flower -- beads, velvet or metal (preferable gold or silver) -- the accessory can be paired with Indian or western formal wear.

Wearing flowers as an accessory illustrates feminity as well as free spirit and love. Need proof? Take a look at photographs of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo or celebrities like Rihanna (with her red hair) and Katrina Kaif, who wore a floral ring in her hair in the closing song (Sooraj Ki Baahon Mein) in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

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