Flying too low in a car

Dec 13, 2011, 06:37 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent
Four young men lost their lives on Sunday morning, after the Honda Accord car they were in crashed into a tree at Nerul's Palm Beach Road. The car was completely wrecked and the tree gave an indication of the speed they must be going at. They paid for that with their lives. While certain news reports say that the drunk driving aspect has still to be ascertained, it is certain that the driver was driving at high, reckless speed certainly much more than the speed limit.

When a car crash happens, it is easy to blame the state of our roads, the lack of signals in certain cases, the absence or paucity of speed breakers and even the rash pedestrians. In some cases, this may be true. Yet, what about drivers who are going at breakneck speed? Why don't they point the finger at themselves?

It is not just the accident-prone Palm Beach road that could spell doom, it is foolish to drive at that speed anytime, anywhere even on an empty road -- you are simply inviting death. It is impossible to be in control of the car at that speed, even though people may think that they are. Add to that a late night at a pub or a bar, one too many (though that may not be true in every case) and you have a hi-octane cocktail that most certainly might end in a heinous accident or death as it happened here.

Why do educated men and women feel the need to drive like maniacs? Do they think nothing would ever happen to them? Is the adrenaline rush so overwhelming that they forget about their co-passengers? What if they kill a pedestrian as it often happens? Won't they be riddled with guilt all their lives? Youngsters, hot blood, passion, adrenaline can be no excuses. There are simply no excuses for speeding. That's your foot on the pedal. How much you press it is also your responsibility. In the Palm Beach car crash, it is evident that they were not driving too fast, they were flying too low.

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