Who better to get exercise and diet tips from than the people in the business of looking good! Get real-life tips and inspiration from these famous faces in the world of glitz and glamour

I am Angela Jonnson
You know her from: The pages of a popular calendar and the gossip columns

I start my day with... Meditation and a bowl of fruit
The super-food I swear by: Home-cooked food!
If I didn't have to worry about getting fat, I would: Be eating red velvets (cupcakes) everyday.
My quick-fix fitness mantra:There is no quick-fix! Fitness is something that requires consistency... However, if it's a desperate situation, cut out carbs in the evenings.
Ve-gan or we can't?
Ve-gan. It's a healthy and fantastic way to live. But I love my meat too much right now. Who knows, maybe in the future!
I wish I had...
Model Rosie Huntington's legs.
My mom always says: 'Drinking a lot of water is the cure for any health problem.'
What keeps me going: I enjoy looking and feeling good. There is no better feeling than being disciplined and motivated to stay healthy.
My favourite time of day to exercise: I prefer either first thing in the morning or in the evening.
I exercise to...
Fitness gyaan: There is no quick-fix solution to fitness

I am Sushama Reddy
You know her from: Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi and Don
I start my day with: An apple and a strong hot chocolate made in water.
The super-food I swear by: Lime shot mixed with ground whole turmeric every night before bed - it's the best antacid and immunity booster ever!
If I didn't have to worry about getting fat, I would: Eat my mom's ghee dosas all day long!
My quick-fix fitness mantra: An hour of spinning and a big leafy salad is a quick fix for toned abs and legs.
Ve-gan or we can't? Ve-gan. I am a vegan because of allergies to food and animal protein, so I really don't have a choice. Would I be vegan by choice? No. Because certain dishes do taste exciting with eggs, cheese and dairy.
I wish I had...
Jennifer Aniston's arms and legs, Jessica Biel's upper body and Priyanka's waist
My mom always says...
'Get your hand out of the Lindor Dark Chocolate jar!'
What keeps me going...
I am a slave to habit, so staying true to a regimen is not difficult. But I do have a problem with indoor gym workouts and being cooped up inside. I prefer outdoor sports or a brisk walk in the open.
My favourite time of day to exercise...
Early mornings. I am not an evening person. Besides, with traffic, I would never make it to an evening workout in time!
I exercise to...
House Music and Electronica.
Fitness gyaan: Work out in a group or join a class if you are not motivated - it really improves your consistency with your regimen and makes the class competitive.

I am Imran Khan
You know him from: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Kidnap

I start my day with... A glass of milk.
The super-food I swear by: Pomegranate juice
If I didn't have to worry about getting fat, I would: I don't get fat no matter what I do... I know, my friends hate me for that!
My quick-fix fitness mantra: 10 days of working out and I can fix most problems!
Ve-gan or we can't?
I don't think a vegan diet is healthy. Our bodies haven't evolved to survive only on plants.
I wish I had...
Hrithik's biceps
My mom always says...
'Are you sure you're eating enough?'
What keeps me going...
Self-motivation. If I know I have to do something, I do it.
My favourite time of day to exercise...
I exercise to...
Silence. I hate gyms that play music.
Fitness gyaan: The craziest fitness tip that actually works is to do each rep *really* slowly.
It really works!

I am Sai Gundewar
You know him from: Survivor India and MTV Splitsvilla 4

I start my day with...
Gratitude and a positive attitude, followed by a heavy breakfast of six boiled egg whites and a bowl of oatmeal with skimmed milk and seasonal fruits, or multigrain toast with peanut butter.
The one super-food I swear by:
Protein shakes: Easy to carry around and taste good, especially the chocolate-flavoured ones.
If I didn't have to worry about getting fat, I would: Eat lots of cheese, pizzas, desserts and creamy pastas more often.
My quick-fix fitness mantra
Don't think too much and just get on with it!
Vegan or we can't?
We can't. I love food too much to go vegan or even vegetarian for that matter. There's no way, I would go the Vegan way.
I wish I had...
A body like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a much smaller version
My mom always says...
'Today happens to be a religious day, try not to eat meat.'
What keeps me going:
Self-Motivation. Part of the reason is my profession and the other part is that [keeping fit] makes me happy.
My favourite time of day to exercise:
Mornings, as it sets a great tone for the day and makes me feel energetic throughout the day.
I exercise to...
Live and to be happy, to be energetic, to look good, feel good, and so that I fit into my 'M' sized T-shirts and carry them off to the T.
Fitness gyaan: Being fit is a 24-hour process that works even when you sleep