Food: 5 plating options that overstayed their welcome at Mumbai's restaurants

Apr 18, 2016, 08:00 IST | Dhara Vora

From frozen yoghurt to molecular gastronomy, food industry fads have experienced a fair share of culinary overkill in Mumbai. As a result, these trends have left behind a few byproducts that have hit the fatigue counter. Case in point, clichéd and predictable plating options. Thanks to the many anonymous restaurant reviews under our belt, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that many restaurateurs equate using chic plating options with being innovative. Here are five items that city restaurants need to bid adieu to:

Fryer basket

Illustrations/Uday Mohite
Illustrations/Uday Mohite

It now appears like a forced fad for eateries to serve fries next to a burger in a fry basket. Few seem to have moved beyond frozen fries with zero innovation as far as additional flavours or tweaks in taste go. Fries served in paper cones come a close second.

Dabba/Lunch box

The overriding theme for a while now has been to dish out Indian food with a twist. If we got a dollar each time a new restaurant sold the idea in these past few years, we could kickstart our own vada pav chain. And it seems using a desi dabba to serve it is a must. Selling the same old misal in a dabba and charging `300 for it is not going to win you
the game. 

Stone platters

A stone platter is meant to highlight the colours of a dish. We must admit — it can make the dish look appetising. However, on many occasions, we have seen regular paneer tikka served on such platters with the aim to give it a hip vibe. And don’t get us started about drippy sauces being served on platters.

Jar cocktails

Jar cocktails

Here’s where most restaurants go wrong with jars. Due to the high volumes it can hold, the quantity of ice and syrup usually goes overboard while the alcohol content is low. The end result — a tame cocktail minus the high, plus a fat bill.

Syringes and test tubes

There was this one time, when we were served a cake with a syringe filled with liqueur that had to be spread out on the dessert. The syringe didn’t work and finally, it ruined the cake. We never returned to the bakery. Also, a pani puri is a pani puri, even if you serve it in a test tube.

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