With the Maggi noodles controversy still simmering, celebrities who endorse the noodle brand seem to be in a bit of a soup too. Reports are coming in that notices will be served to actors who endorse the brand. This is not to pass judgement on the noodle brand, but there is a lesson in this for celebrities that they must be more discretionary about the products they endorse.

While it may be impossible for actors to actually test products we are not referring to the noodle brand alone here one sees that there is not enough background work being done by celebrities about products they endorse.

In the past, a television celebrity had been hauled up for endorsing a doctor promising all kinds of miracle cures for various ailments. Finally, when he was proved to be a fraud, the actor said that she did not really know his credentials and simply agreed to endorse him because he appeared on her television show.

There are numerous other instances of the famous becoming brand ambassadors for tobacco products and the like. The money dangled before them is huge, but it would be better if those asked to be ambassadors put in a little time and effort to check what they will be associated with. These checks may not be foolproof or watertight, but it would at least give the actor some satisfaction and an idea of the company he is associating himself with.

There should also perhaps be some discretion when it comes to endorsing fairness creams. Given the fixation that exists over fair skin and the deep psychological damage that the fair vs dark schism creates within society, actors and their ilk certainly need to relook at what they are propagating when they sign that dotted line.

Claiming ignorance about the products or simply shrugging off any blame when trouble arises, is not justified at times. Let there be more caution from the rich and famous when it comes to putting their names to certain brands and services, considering the huge influence they wield. Perhaps those who often accuse the press of not doing enough research, need to do some of their own.