Food: Jazz it up a notch

Music and martinis can be a lethal combination, we think. When we heard of All That Jazz, which will be held every Wednesday night at Olive Bar & Kitchen, Bandra, were very excited.

Cotton Candy Martini
Cotton Candy Martini

The restaurant will welcome a mix of established artistes and new talent for laid-back, candle-lit evenings with a special martini menu (which looks very promising) on offer along with personal pizzas and finger foods.

Classic favourites like Old Monk and Kingfisher Premium will be available for Rs 150 only.

The first gig will be held on August 12, where Jazz enthusiasts can enjoy music by the visiting faculty from The True School of Music in Lower Parel, including Lennart Altgenug, a Jazz pianist from Germany, Sietske Roscam Abbing from the Netherlands who will lead on vocals, and bass guitarist Gianluca Liberatore, from Sicily.

On: Every Wednesday night, 9 pm onwards.
At: Olive Bar & Kitchen, 14, Union Park, Khar (W).
Call: 43408229

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