Food: Organic and gourmet products just a click away, a city-based online food store, stocks a variety of organic products including gluten-free cheeses, Kale chips as well as super antioxidant chocolate cakes for those counting calories

So, you're dying to add cheese to your crackers but are afraid of adding kilos? Opt for a gluten and lactose-free version available on, a new Mumbai-based online food store that stocks a wide range of organic and gourmet products. "The online food store is for food lovers who would like to stock on a host of products sourced from local and imported brands, fresh, organic products as well as artisanal products made by credible home chefs," informs Raka Chakravawarti, founder and CEO of the brand.

M&M Kitkat Cake
M&M Kitkat Cake

From multi-grain breads to different varieties of tarts, waffles, cakes, vinegars, sauces, cereals, spices, dry fruits, herbal teas and coffees, as well as farm fresh veggies and fruits, and salads sourced from different brands, the store has much to offer and in different price ranges. Some of the interesting items include Cheese & Onion Kale chips (Rs 200 for 30 gms), Wildberry Jam (Rs 220 for 175 gm), Oatmeal bread with cinnamon and raisins by The Baker's Dozen (Rs 130 for 400 gm) as well as products from Vanilla Pods including Super antioxidant chocolate cake (Rs 1,100 for one kg) and Mustard Sauce fermented in red wine (Rs 200 for 200 gm).

The Mood Fixer Salad
The Mood Fixer Salad

It's all good
Some exciting options in cheese include Christi's Halloumi Cheese with low acid content (Rs 745 for 250 gms) and Landana Gouda with olives and tomatoes that claims to be lactose and gluten free (Rs 580 for 200 gm). "Many of the cheeses are sourced from importers who retail with most major retail stores in India. We store a large variety of cheeses; we are also always on the lookout for indigenous cheese makers," elaborates Chakravawarti.

Super Antioxidant Chocolate Cake
Super Antioxidant Chocolate Cake

The store will soon feature a regional section with products synonymous to a particular region in our country. "For instance, spices from Kerala or ingredients essential to the cuisine of Bengal. We are also planning to launch a gourmet ready-to-eat meals section," she sums up.

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