Mumbai Food Review: From Paneer Tikka to Chinese, stuff yourself with more than aloo at Sion's A1 Samosas

Mar 17, 2017, 06:02 IST | Joanna Lobo

Cheese Corn Samosa. Pics/ Datta Kumbhar

They're the stuff of food legend. The A1 Samosas from Sion have found their way to single-screen cinema halls and multiplexes across the city, where they are a much-loved snack.

At A1's Sion headquarters on a busy Holi evening, we find that most items are sold out. “It's because of the hungry crowds who came here after the festivities” says a woman at the counter.

Pizza Bun
Pizza Bun

The next day, we see better luck. The outlet is small in comparison to the bustling Guru Kripa across the road, but still packs a samosa-filled punch. The outlet started in the 1970s by Kishanchand Nevendram, a Sindhi from Karachi who settled in Mumbai after Partition. The place is known for its samosas and it's what they make best, with a few interesting variations of the traditional Punjabi offering.

The Chinese Samosa (all samosas are priced at '10), was an oily mess, stuffed with noodles in the typical red sauce reminiscent of Chinese bhel on the streets. We preferred the Cheese Corn Samosa, with its delicious combination of crunchy sweet corn, goeey cheese and bits of capsicum. The Paneer Tikka Samosa tasted exactly like the dish -- soft paneer slathered in spicy masala. Our favourite was the traditional Punjabi samosa with its flavourful potato mixture, reminding us of afternoons spent munching on the snack while watching the latest flick.

Paneer Tikka Samosa
Paneer Tikka Samosa

We also tried the Pizza Bun ('30) -- a round bun filled with pizza toppings such as cheese, corn, capsicum and sauce. It was tasty but uninspiring. The clover-shaped Alu Pops ('25 for 100 gm) similarly featured potato mash in a weird crunchy coating. The Small Kachori ('6 per piece) was a sweet-spicy snack filled with mashed dal.

While some experiments work and others don't, what stood out was the samosa coating that stayed consistent. The crunchiness was intact even after a few hours.

A1 Samosas doing brisk business. Pic/ Sneha Kharabe

A1 Samosas doing brisk business. Pic/ Sneha Kharabe

Each samosa is served to you in a paper bag advertising their bestselling items, heating instructions, and the fact that is prepared in refined groundnut oil (as recommended by the American Heart Association).

It's best to wait around the tiny stall as you munch slowly on your snack, watching the hordes milling outside Guru Kripa. Even better is the sight of dozens of freshly fried samosas segregated in trays that makes for a calorie-filled foodgasm.

Time 10 am to 11 pm (daily)
At A/1, Sion Sindhi Colony, opposite Gurukripa Hotel, Sion (E).
Call 24074790

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