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Located at a busy junction in Vile Parle, The Good Food Co gets mixed reactions for its inadequate menu that's a mix of burgers, wraps, pasta and a few beverages

The first thing that strikes you about The Good Food Co is that its air-conditioned kitchen is bigger than its seating area. As for the seating, it is an open four-tabled area, shielded from the street by potted plants and a cute white and green fence.

TGFC Pizza

The tables get a bit dusty because of the roadwork outside, but we were spared from the noise on a Sunday afternoon, as the repairs seemed to be on hold. Overall, the place was blessed with a good amount of sunlight pouring in and a green-and-white plastic shade overhead. Points were knocked off when we realised that
orders were taken only inside, which when ready were served at the table.

The menu, though limited, is a mix of burgers, wraps, pasta, two mini-meals, side orders, toasts and beverages.
Tired of the trip to Vile Parle from the other end of the city we first ordered a Peach Iced Tea (Rs 25) and to chomp on, a Crunchy Paneer burger (Rs 80), The Good Food Co Sauce pasta (Rs 100) and garlic bread (Rs 40).

The iced-tea was refreshingly cold and yum and was slurped down even before the burger arrived. As for the Crunchy Paneer, the first bite was great as it was crunchy as promised but the paneer couldn't be traced in the dish. The only reason why we didn't complain was because its portions, though negligent, tasted good. We had no such problems with the buttery and crisp garlic bread. The TGFC Sauce pasta is a mix of red and white sauce and they offer penne and spaghetti as options. Unlike the paneer, TGFC was generous with its sauce and the pasta was properly cooked with a drizzle of cheese on top.

Next, we ordered a Fresh Lime Soda (Rs 35) to cool down the TGFC Pizza (Rs 140) and Three Pepper Magic Wrap (Rs 80). While the soda was delicious, the Three Pepper Magic: bell peppers, cucumber and capsicum wrapped with a little dressing tasted bland and is meant only for health freaks, thanks to its generous serving of crunchy vegetables. TGFC pizza, their special, is a super-thin crust pizza layered with hummus, cheese, bell peppers and falafel. The falafel combination didn't work for us, and we suggest only Middle-Eastern food lovers opt for this one. Our last order was Buddy's Cold Coffee (Rs 60), which was strictly okay when we sipped into; it was an average cold coffee with a fancy name.

At Nand Prem building, opposite Shiv Sagar, Nehru road, Vile Parle (E),
Call 26112020

The Good Food Co didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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