Footpaths or Parking lots? When the keepers of the law turn law breakers

While the law clearly states that parking on footpaths is illegal and a violation of the norm invites a hefty penalty, the Men in Khaki seem to take this law for granted.

MiD DAY’s Sameer Markande spotted this police vehicle parked on the footpath outside the Mantralaya.

This signboard is placed on the same footpath, yet there is no action taken against the violating vehicle.


    There are many locations wherein Citizens are wrongly parking their vehicles in By lanes and Main Roads.It is for sure that there is space lacking in the city for getting Vehicles Parked. There are reports very frequently appearing in the News Columns on this.Some of the New Residential premises have shifted to modern parking systems but only very few.There needs to be some sort of report on the implementation by these premises also appearing in the News Columns &Active participation from mfrs

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