For the fighter

Feb 07, 2012, 07:17 IST | Lindsay Pereira

As news of cricket icon Yuvraj Singh being diagnosed with cancer spread, celebrities and everyone else rushed to tweet words of support. Lalit Kumar Modi, for instance: 'Wishing Yuvi a very speedy recovery. He has the will, strength and prayers of many to overcome his current health issues.'  Raghu Dixit added: 'I really hope Yuvraj comes back to the field with a vengeance. He has quite a few centuries left in him.' BBC Entertainment India had a message, too: 'We wish Yuvraj Singh fends off all obstacles with the same ease with which he hit those six sixes in an over!' And this message from a certain Venkat Ananth: 'Just hope the media lays off Yuvraj Singh till he's better. He deserves privacy through these tough times. Support, yes. But don't intrude.'

Another one?
Robert Vadra, brother-in-law of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, reportedly said he was willing to join active politics. Naturally, everyone had a comment to make. Anubha Bhonsle asked: 'Who are these people Robert Vadra thinks will ever want him to enter politics?' There was also this question from Aditya Raj Kaul: 'If Robert Vadra enters politics, what will happen to real estate?' And from TRram: 'Vadra threatening to join politics soon after Sharad Pawar announced his retirement. Nature abhors a vacuum.'

Fight the fright
How does one survive a horror movie? These words of advice were shared online: 'Don't trip over invisible objects while running', 'stick with the main actor', 'don't take a shower', 'don't call out "Who's there?" because you give away your location', 'go on holiday when people start dying' and 'do the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing.'

The last word
From business tycoon Vijay Mallya: 'Indian TV channels broadcast overseas should have a separate editorial team. The world gets a poor and wrong image of India with focus only on scams.'

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