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The birthday of everyone's favourite music composer prompted a large number of greetings on Twitter, making A R Rahman a trending topic. Ramesh Srivats tweeted: 'Happy Birthday AR Rahman. I'm not going to do anything special today.

I'll just do what I do everyday. Listen to his songs, that is.' In Sohini's words, 'Birthday wishes for Rahman, and also gratitude for treating our generation to some divine music!' Pooja Prasanna referred to him as 'the most versatile music composer of our times' while Sorabh Pant came up with this comment: 'For his birthday, I'd like to gift AR Rahman a new suit. Turn him into AR Raymond: The Complete Man.' It takes all kinds, obviously.

Coma as you are
Former Union minister Sukh Ram prompted a number of tweets too, after reportedly slipping into a state of coma. Considering this happened after he was convicted in a 1993 telecom scam and ordered to surrender, Diogeneb commented: 'He must be in a telecoma.' Manish Baid wondered: 'Has somebody ever gone into coma due to angiography?' And there was this from Kiran Kumar Khurana: 'Sukh Ram in a coma. The corrupt remain in a mental coma while accepting bribes and physical coma when caught [sic]!'

What's the truth?
Confessions were on a lot of people's minds for a while, prompting these among other examples to crop up on timelines: 'I might just be way too content with being single', 'I can't stay mad at someone for very long', 'either I care a lot or I don't care at all', 'it's hard for me to trust somebody 100 percent', 'I'm shy at first but get to know me and you can't shut me up' and 'I'm obsessed with peanut butter!'

The last word
From musician Vishal Dadlani: 'Life is a transient, temporary thing, people. Reach out to everyone you love, and tell them you love them, now.'

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