Cricket, which was a "waste of time" for Reeva Solanki, has now become a major part of her life after getting engaged to India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja in Rajkot on Friday.

Jadeja and Reeva after their engagement in Rajkot on February 5. Pic/PTI
Jadeja and Reeva after their engagement in Rajkot on February 5. Pic/PTI

In fact, Reeva would rush into another room whenever her family would watch a match on television. "I was never interested in cricket before Ravindra came into my life. But that's in the past. I now go to matches to watch Ravindra playing. I have also started following the game closely," Reeva (24) told mid-day.

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Picture perfect
The couple have been seeing each other for the last three months. Jadeja first saw a photograph of Reeva through a WhatsApp message sent by his sister Nayna. "Just by the look of it, you understand if that person can be your life partner. When I first saw Reeva's photograph, I felt this is the person with whom I want to spend my entire life with," Jadeja said.

Jadeja wanted to maintain the family tradition and get into a relationship with a girl belonging to his community. For the last eight months, Jadeja's family was scouting the 'right girl'. Finally, through family friends they met the Solankis.

"Ravindra looks tough from outside, but he's actually very soft and kind-hearted. He is crazy about horses and dogs. In his free time, he spends maximum time at his farm house with the animals. Good natured people are generally animal lovers. He may be an introvert, but he cherishes his time with friends and family," said Solanki, who is currently preparing for her Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination.

Jadeja refers to his fiancée as 'luck' because the Saurashtra star was included in the Asia Cup and ICC World T20 squads a few hours after they got engaged.

Meanwhile, Solanki is not scheduled to travel with Jadeja for his matches because her priority is the UPSC exam. "There will be ample time to go for matches after the exams," she concluded.