New Delhi: Aiming to aid water conservation efforts, animal rights body PETA is urging people to turn vegan as it stated that the 'farmed-animal' industry places a 'serious strain' on water supply.

On the eve of World Water Day, a volunteer of the NGO today took a shower at Jantar Mantar as part of a campaign to remind passersby that water can be saved if people gave up consuming meat, eggs and dairy foods. The event sought to draw attention towards the impact of the meat industry on the worldwide water crisis.

"Meat production can require 10 times more water than the production of plant-based foods. To produce 1kg meat, it can require the same amount of water that is used for bathing 75 times -- an alarming drain on a precious resource," said PETA India campaign assistant Neerja Khede.

"Between watering the crops that farmed animals eat, providing billions of animals with drinking water each year and cleaning away the filth from farms, trucks and slaughterhouses, the farmed-animal industry places a serious strain on our water supply," Khede added.

A vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products.