Ford to develop a car that takes control after detecting collision

The car is currently being tested at a research facility in Germany.

According to the company, the Obstacle Avoidance system first warns the driver of danger and then takes charge if they did not react, the BBC reported.

The firm said that as part of the project, which involves other carmakers and suppliers, the equipment had been fitted to one of its Focus-branded vehicles.

The system can scan up to 650ft ahead by using three radars, a number of ultrasonic sensors and a camera, which are all installed in the vehicle.

A built-in display fixed in the car shows a warning sign and sounds a chime, however if the driver doesn’t take necessary actions, it applies the brakes, scans for a gap in the road ahead, and steers to avoid a collision.

The firm recently showed off the tech at a facility in Lommel, Belgium.

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