The city police are on the lookout for a Bangladeshi national, who hoodwinked the staff of an agency dealing in currency exchange and escaped with Rs 1.5 lakh.

The suspect identified as Sheikh Mohideen, approached Lazer Forex currency convertor agency situated on St Johns Church Road, Bharati Nagar on Saturday under the pretext of exchanging about $3,000.

Mohideen submitted copies of his travel documents along with the US currency as per procedure and was handed over Indian currency by a staffer identified as Anjali Das.

Mohideen pocketed the Indian currency and then insisted that he be allowed to count the foreign currency again to be sure it was not extra. The unsuspecting staffer handed the wad of notes over to the accused, who then escaped from the office.

Anjali immediately informed the management and a complaint was filed with the Bharati Nagar police.

"We have initiated a manhunt for the accused and have alerted immigration authorities to block his exit," a police official said. The cop added that the accused is suspected to belong to a gang of cheats who are on the prowl.