Forensic tests show downed drone operated by India, claims Pak Army

Islamabad: Pakistan Army has claimed that forensic tests of the drone it downed along the Line of Control (LoC) on July 15 showed it was operated by the Indian Army.

Military spokesman said the visuals retrieved out of the drone indicate that the Quadcopter flew from a Indian post.
Initially it remained close to the LoC, continuing surveillance throughout facing towards Pakistani side of the
LoC, then crossed over the LoC and pictured a Pakistani post, the spokesman claimed yesterday in a statement.

The Pakistan Army had claimed that it downed an "India drone (Quadcopter) mission" on July 15 along the LoC. The army also released images and video clips which show that the quadcopter started its flight from an Indian post and entered into Pakistani territory.

An image retrieved proves that after the purchase of this quadcopter it was taken inside M/S ASCOM office which is an
Indian communication and electronic firm, the army claimed. Another pre-flight picture indicates presence of an Indian soldier standing in the vicinity of quadcopter, it alleged.

An image probably taken before test flight of the drone on its arrival in forward areas indicate company headquarters
of the Indian Sector, the army said.

An image taken by quadcopter immediately after flight from a post shows an Indian flag which proves that it started
its flight from Indian post, it claimed.

The Indian Army as well as the Indian Air Force, however, have denied that any of their drone has been shot down or

Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar on July 16 had also said that the drone was not in the inventory of the Indian defence

Chinese official media, the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC)-run People's Daily Online, earlier reported that
the phantom 3 drone was made in China by DJI, confirming Indian stance that it was of Chinese design.

The Pakistani army also alleged that there was a "sudden spike both in terms of intensity, caliber escalation and air space violations by India" has been observed along LoC.

"Since 9 June 2015, 35 ceasefire violations have been committed by Indian troops," it alleged.

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