Forest department officials have nabbed a so-called 50-year-old black magician operating in Dasarahalli Town and seized 3 deer pelts he was using for various rituals.

K Mahendran, who hails from a defence background, was nabbed by the officers while was lying nude on a deerskin and indulging in rituals said to be associated with black magic.

Upon further investigation, the officers found that he had been living in a small shed after his family disowned him following a feud.

"On being tipped off by his family members, we formed a team and raided the house of the accused in the morning. He was found nude and upon investigations he broke down and revealed that he had been involved in such acts for a long time.
He claimed that he was going through a tough time and had been receiving these pelts from tribals in Tamil Nadu. We have booked him under wildlife act of 1972," said K B Manjunath, Deputy Conservator of Forests.

Three deer pelts that the accused used to perform his rituals have been confiscated.

Strange odour
Mahendran's family members had been receiving constant complaints about his practices and strange behaviour and finally, his elder brother, K Rajendran tipped off the forest officials, when a foul odour was being emitted from his brother's shed.

"I used to smell something foul coming from his shed all the time. There were vague sounds and smoke emerging all the time.

When we went into his shed in his absence to investigate what was happening, we found red and yellow sarees, vermilion, lemons, bangles and a statue of Goddesses Shakti and also animal pelts. We then decided to inform the forest department officials," Rajendran said.

Mentally unsound
When this reporter spoke to the accused, he claimed to be disturbed and hence indulged in such acts. "I was undergoing severe trauma. My mother used to take me to Tamil Nadu often to perform pujas.

I have also pierced my tongue several times and due to my condition, I did not get married. I did not killed these animals, but purchased the pelts from members of the Akki Pikki tribe in TN" Mahendran said.