A new online social networking space, called Hammer, available in the form of an app on the Android and iOS platforms and on the web through Hammerit.in, allows you to ask questions, share opinions and information with users across the world. 

Ask, share or comment, Hammer helps spread opinions in a few seconds

Simply, pop the question with a small description, and a picture, select your category and voila, you will have users from across the world sharing their opinions within a matter of seconds.

What makes Hammer standout is that opinions are not just in the form of likes and dislikes, but often presented with reasons by its users. Created by Americos Technologies Pvt Ltd, Hammer also gives you the option to choose your audience type, male or female, from your friend circle or from across the world. We were hoping for an age restriction as well, but nonetheless, it’s an engaging app to get your hands on, if you are seeking opinion or prefer to give yours.

AVAILABLE AT Google Play Store, and iTunes Store
LOG ON TO www.hammerit.in