Former Shiv Sena man Sutar booked for felling 189 trees

Jul 27, 2012, 08:41 IST | Priyankka Deshpande

Former Shiv Sena leader Shashikant Sutar, his family and an associate of his, Sudhakar Avhad, have been booked for felling 189 trees. One Nouzar Sheriyar Mazda was also booked for cutting down 382 trees in Warje.

Sutar and Avhad are joint owners of a piece of land occupying Survey Number 90 and Mazda is the owner of a piece of land occupying Survey Numbers 88 and 89. Pruthviraj Sutar, a member of the Sutar family, refused to comment.

The felled trees were between 3 and 10 years old and of the native variety. A non-cognizable offence was filed with the Warje-Malwadi police station by Assistant Municipal Commiss-ioner (Garden Department) Madhav Jagtap.

“It’s for the first time in the city that as many as 571 trees were axed from any place,” Jagtap said. “The reason why these trees were cut is not clear yet. Suitable action will be taken against the accused under the Preservation and Protection of Tree Act, 1975. The trees were felled using a JCB machine.”
Police Inspector Sunil Darekar from the Warje-Malwadi police station said the complaint was lodged on July 19 against the Sutar family and Mazda. 

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