Clive Rice, who was South Africa’s first captain when they were re-admitted to international cricket in 1991, revealed his illness on Facebook.

He wrote on Thursday night: “Just want to update you all on my tumour. Thought I had a pulled muscle in my thigh. There was a lump there and not what I thought was a pulled muscle. Had a MRI scan and it needed removal. Had it removed three weeks ago and have a cut about a foot long in my right thigh.

Clive Rice
Clive Rice. Pic/Getty Images.

Grade 2 tumour
“They got the whole tumour out but it is classed as a Grade 2 tumour so that means I need radiation in the area. They removed some muscle around the tumour to make sure of the removal. I am getting over the wound at the moment. This should be another 10 days and then I will build up the strength again. I do not need to bat or bowl again so it just needs to be strong enough to play golf, race cars and do sensible things. I am fine and once the radiation has been completed in September i will be back to normal with the cancer nailed.

“If any of you have a lump check it out quickly so if it is a tumour you nail it early. Don’t leave it. I have been luck.”