Former wrestler Davis gets 32 years in jail for hiding HIV from partners

Jan 24, 2012, 15:30 IST | Agencies

Former professional wrestler Andre Davis has been sentenced to 32 years in prison for having sex with women and not telling them he was HIV positive.

According to WKRC, Davis' HIV positive condition was revealed when the mother of his two children found his testing paperwork, and passed it on to many of his other girlfriends.

Davis, 29, was sentenced in Hamilton County Common Pleas on 14 counts of felonious assault.

Davis, who wrestled using stage names including Gangsta of Love and Sweet Sexy Sensation, was convicted in November.

Prosecutors say he had unprotected sex with more than a dozen women.

Davis told the judge on Monday that he was a "sex addict" and that his addiction grew worse when he lost his dream of becoming a professional wrestler after getting the HIV test results.

World Wrestling Entertainment told Davis in July 2009 that it would not hire him because he failed his physical and tested positive for HIV.

Davis said that he did not disclose his HIV test results because he did not want his family to know, and it was never intended to hurt anyone.

"I am not a monster," CBS News quoted Davis as saying.

Davis' attorney, Greg Cohen, argued that the state law regarding HIV and felonious assault is poorly written because it does not require proof that there has been harm or an attempt to commit harm.

Cohen said that Davis was sorry for what he had done and that the women he slept with also had some responsibility for choosing to have unprotected sex.

The judge had prohibited attorneys from bringing up whether any of the women was infected with the virus, citing medical privacy laws.

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