Two days after Air Intelligence Unit officials caught a female passenger just before the green channel, officials on Tuesday caught another smuggler Ajmal Shaikh and his accomplices were arrested for smuggling gold worth Rs 74 lakh.

The Intelligence officers of Mumbai customs intercepted Shaikh Mohammed Ajmal after his arrival from Dubai via Jet Airways 9W 537 (which lands Mumbai at 11.25pm). His personal search resulted in the recovery of 24 gold bars of ten tola each weighing 2,784 gms valued 73.93 lakhs.

Shaikh was assigned to deliver gold to Raghib Shaikh who was waiting at the city side of the terminal. The intelligence officers nabbed them both near the green channel.

Both were searched and the interrogation revealed that two employees of the Live Well ground staff were supposed to collect the gold from the passenger in the toilet of the arrival hall.

Their phones were analysed too.

"Analysis of their phones resulted in the discovery of the details of two 'LiveWell' ground staff named Kianat Khan and Kiran Yadav. Phone call details corroborated contact between passenger and the ground staff after his arrival in Mumbai.," said an AIU Official.

After confirmation of the two women staff being involved in the case, the officials later called Kianat Khan and Kiran Yadav to the airport for questioning during which they admitted that they were to take delivery of the gold. They were arrested post the interrogation.

"After sustained interrogation, both of them admitted that they were to take delivery of the gold today but didn't step ahead in fear of AIU officers following the passenger. All four individuals have been arrested," explained a senior Custom officer who did not wished to be named.