Jalpaiguri(West Bengal): Four friends of an engineering student who died of unnatural death have been detained for questioning after the family members of the student alleged that he has been murdered, police said today.

Tanmay Bhattacharya, a resident of Jalpaiguri town and a student of a private engineering college in Karnataka had gone out with his friends for an outing to Notun Bridge yesterday, police said.

Tanmay was found in a serious condition by the police yesterday and was rushed to hospital where he died. His friends claimed that he hurt himself after he fell down from motorcycle.

The family members of Tanmay alleged that his friends murdered him and lodged a police complaint. Four of the friends of Tanmay have been detained for questioning, Inspector-in-Charge (IIC) of Kotwali police station A Ray said.

The cause of death could only be known only after we receive the postmortem report, the IIC added.