Four injured in accident at Bhiwandi yarn factory

Four workers at a yarn factory in Bhiwandi sustained severe burn injuries in an accident that took place early in Friday morning. The incident took place at 7am when one of the workers was trying to open the lid of a hot water container. The victims were rushed immediately to JJ Hospital, Byculla and later shifted to Masina Hospital for better treatment by their employer.

While Priyaranjan Chaubey (28) and Vikas Das (30) have sustained 80% burn injuries, Salender Pawar and Dayalal Chaudhari (22) escaped the ordeal with over 35% and 22% injuries since they were standing a little afar from the point of impact at Valchand Yarn in Sainath Industrial compound of Bhiwandi.

Dayalal, a Bihar resident who had just started working for the company around 20 days back, said that the incident took place in a split second and he failed to react and save himself from the damage. “I was standing nearby when Chaubey opened the lid of the container and boiling water splashed onto us. I panicked and rather than running away, I started running towards the container and got injured,” said Chaudhari.

The patients were rushed to JJ Hospital, Byculla for treatment by their co-workers. However, on request of the relatives, the owner of the company shifted them to Masina Hospital, Byculla for better treatment. When mid-day spoke to Dr Arvind Vartak, M.S (Gen.), M.S. (plastic) who is treating the patients, he said that Chaubey and Das were in a more critical condition than the other two. “They (Chaubey and Das) have sustained over 80% burn injuries and are admitted in the ICU section. We are trying our best to stabilise them. Pawar and Chaudhari have sustained borderline injuries and they will recover very soon,” said Vartak.

Out of the four workers, Chaubey, Das and Pawar work as dyeing operators while Chaudhari had started working around 20 days ago as a support staff. The families of the victims were informed about the incident. Apart from Das, who hails from West Bengal, the other three victims are from Bihar and have been working at the company from past six to seven years.

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