Four Mumbaikars share their faux pas on social media

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Sometimes, that accidental fun post on social media can become living hell. Four Mumbaikars recount their embarrassing experiences

Avinash Natarajan*
IT professional

Avinash Natarajan

I have two Facebook accounts. One, where immediate family and relatives are also on my list while the second is reserved just for friends (my boss isn’t on either). At a party with my friends, in a state of happy drunkenness, I posted a photograph of empty beer bottles that I had downed with the #proud. I realised later that I had posted it on the wrong account! I faced cold treatment at home for weeks.

Apurva Patil*
brand strategist

Apurva patiil

During college, in the excitement of having a profile on Facebook, I added everyone from my family as well, to boost my friend list and to show off that my parents were cool. Once, we bunked college and headed for a long drive to Lonavala. Out of habit, I instantly checked in on my status message. Before I could realise what I had done, I saw my phone screen flashing. My mom was calling. Now, I always take a deep breath and think before I post on social media.

Yesha Dedhia
independent stylist

I was having a Snapchat conversation with a friend with snaps of awkward funny expressions and instead of sending it to her, I posted one on my story. I didn’t realise it. Half an hour later, I had some 20 views. That’s not it, when I realised what had happened, I obviously panicked and tried to delete it but my Snapchat hung. So, I had to reboot my phone and wait patiently till it came on. That for me was social suicide. I was so embarrassed, I didn’t want to see who all had seen that pic. I was off Snapchat for a good week-and-half.

Meet Thakker*

Once, I was casually seeing two women, and they didn’t know about it. One of them happened to be social media-savvy, and posted a pic of our night out with a flirty caption on Facebook; the option for photo tags on my profile was off. Before I could untag myself, the other girl got wind of it and it ended in disaster. Post this, I stopped doing two things — adding women I meet occasionally, and seeing multiple people at once.

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