France comes calling

We hadn't gotten over our hangover with the festival of lights, and lo and behold! they came with one of their own. Trade show organisers brought in French fireworks from Paris, the city of lights through a presentation and discussion. Our desi designers like Rajesh Pratap Singh, JJ Vallaya, Varun Bahl and Anupama Dayal interacted with the delegates from Paris. Seems our boys are now craving for some Parisian boost up.

Refined: Anita Bhattal

Lady with the scarf: Anjali Kothari

Side pose: Anuja

Pairing up: Noor Ansal and Gulnar Virk

One for the record: Anupama Dayal and Prateek Jain

A and A: Aparna Bahl and Aparna Chandra

Speak up: Naresh and Shrivan

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