France's First Lady tried to ban media from publishing her beach photos

France’s unwed First Lady nicknamed ‘The Rottweiler’ was enraged, after the pictures of her and President Hollande on vacation on the French Riviera, were published despite the warnings.


Fun in the sun: French President Francois Hollande and companion Valerie Trierweiler enjoy a stroll along Fort de Bregancon in Bormes-les-Mimosas, southeastern France. File Pic/AFP

Trierweiler (47) hired a team of lawyers who contacted editors asking them not to publish the photographs and threatening them with legal action.

The deputy editor of VSD said he was contacted by Valerie Trierweiler’s representatives prior to the publication of the bikini shots.

The same story happened with Voici magazine, which also published the images despite what they called ‘friendly pressure’. Both magazines featured the bikini shots on their covers. Women’s weekly Grazia also reported having received a faxed warning regarding the photographs.

“Faxes were sent to editors, with lawyers threatening all kinds of measures for non-compliance,” a Paris legal source close to the case was quoted as saying.

Trierweiler herself is a staff writer for France’s leading glossy magazine Paris Match. Interestingly, Match is full of pictures of public figures on the beach every week, but Trierweiler objected to other publications capturing a swim she enjoyed with her president boyfriend earlier this month. 

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