Franchises may want key ties out of Chennai

Four franchises IANS spoke to were confident that the issue would be sorted out by the time the Twenty20 tournament reaches itsĀ business end.Ā The franchises feel the IPL will be robbed of good competition and it will be a win-win situation for Chennai Super Kings is they are allowed to get away with it.

“There is no level playing field in Chennai. How can we afford to miss our captain and other crucial players when we are playing a play-off or a knock-out tie in Chennai,” a franchise official said.

Another top official of an IPL franchise said: “In the past, the IPL Governing Council has set a precedent by shifting matches out of cities where safety and security were a matter of concern. If matches could be shifted out of Hyderabad during the height of Telengana agitation why not now?” the official questioned.

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