Freida Pinto likes Mithun's break dance

As part of the strategy to promote Trishna, a festival of Mithun's films is being organised. However, the former Bengali superstar has no clue about it

Freida Pinto's next international film Trishna is being directed by British filmmaker Michael Winterbottom, who also made the acclaimed A Mighty Heart and 9 Songs. She plays an unabashed Mithun Chakraborty fan who in one sequence, can't help but dance when she sees the actor on screen.  

Freida Pinto in Trishna

The film will feature Chakraborty's popular song Tumne Sadaa Di Main Aa Gaya from the Kaalia. However, Chakraborty is completely unaware of  it.

Now, the Indian producer of the film, Sunil Bohra plans to organise a surprise screening of the film for Chakraborty. In fact, according to sources, this footage of the actor's song will used extensively to promote Trishna. Also in the pipeline is a festival of Mithun's films.

When contacted, Bohra said, "Mithunda has been associated with our banner for years. When we needed Mithun's footage, I happily arranged for it. 

We haven't told Mithunda about the pivotal role he plays. We plan to show the film to him and then have a series of events pertaining to Mithunda's cinema." Incidentally, Bohra was also the producer of Kaalia.

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