French President Emmanuel Macron peeves ally with parliament picks

Tensions over French president-elect Emmanuel Macron's bid to redraw France's political map with picks such as former bullfighter Marie Sara among others including a fighter pilot, a mathematician, and a taekwondo black belt, burst into the open yesterday, as a key ally was left furious ahead of crucial parliamentary elections next month.

Macron angered fellow centrist Francois Bayrou and faced mockery from his opponents after his La Republique En Marche (REM, The Republic on the Move) party unveiled more than 400 candidates for crucial parliamentary elections in June. Most of those named have never held elected office before.

Bayrou said bitterly that candidates from his MoDem party had been offered only 35 constituencies instead of the 120 he expected.

A veteran centrist and presidential candidate, Bayrou threw his support behind Macron at the end of February, a crucial time when the En Marche! campaign needed new momentum.

Macron to meet Merkel on Monday
Macron's visit to Berlin on Monday, a day after his inauguration as French president, aims at stressing the importance of the relationship with Germany to relaunch the European project, an aide said.



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