Thanks to the benefit of a decent debut behind Greek God who went on to win yet another race, Fribourg trained by Mansoor Shah and to be ridden by S Zervan, seems to have a good winning chance in the small field of the Diabolical Trophy for maiden three year old horses. The CD Katrak-trained Made To Measure, who showed good improvement in second start, will most likely to pose him a threat in the hands of Sandesh.

First race at 2.45 pm.


Quest For Cash Plate (Class V; 2400m)
Argyle Pink 1, Blue Swallow 2, Tara 3.

Flashing Star Plate - Div II (For 5y&o, class IV; 1400m)
Queen 1, Passion Prince 2, Mountain Queen 3.

Gold Star Plate - Div II (For 5y&o, class IV; 1000m)
Blind Date 1, Small Treasure 2, Plan B 3.

Diabolical Trophy (For 3y, maidens; 1400m)
Fribourg 1, Made To Measure 2, Jager Bomb 3.

Assert The Right Plate (Class V; 1400m)
Jen's Glory 1, Sultan Of Swing 2, Traffic Jam 3.

Midnight Madness Trophy (Class II; 1600m)
Trance 1, Mountbatten 2, Myla Rose 3.

Gold Star Plate - Div I (For 5y&o, class IV; 1000m)
Mountain Prince 1, Izarra 2, Windsor Queen 3.

Flashing Star Plate - Div I (For 5y&o, class IV; 1400m)
Gloria 1, Sound Of River 2, Scaramouche 3.

Best bet: None
Good bet: Gloria (8-1)
Chance bet: Blind Date (3-2)
Upset: Plated (1-5)

Today's pools
Super jackpot pool: 3,4,5,6,7,8
Jackpot pool: 4,5,6,7,8
Treble pool: I - 5,6,7; II - 6,7,8
Tanala pool: All races.