Friendly diner around the corner

When Foodies, the much-loved NIBM corner landmark moved to Undri and metamorphosed into an air-conditioned eatery, there was skepticism in the air. Would they retain the same wallet-friendly prices and the menu that spans China, India, Tibet and even Nigeria?

Chicken Kabuli Kebab was lukewarm and stuffed with minced

Here are the answers: it’s definitely prettier with its stick-on murals and two-tiered seating. The menu is much the same. The staff is the same as well -- extremely courteous and retaining their slightly fumbling concern for your comfort. The food seems as good as promised -- nothing exceptional but just the kind you would like to eat when you come home late and tired.

They have a selection of Afghani (Kebabs and breads), Bengali (Posto and Baiguni), Tibetan (Momos and Thukpa) and Iranian (Chello Kebabs), apart from Indian and Chinese fare. We decided on a meal that would span the depths of the Bay of Bengal, the peaks of the Himalayas and the breadth of the Caspian Sea. The Foodies Special Chicken Soup (Rs 120), a hot, spicy version of a sweet-corn base spiked with white beans and noodles, apart from the chicken and veggies.

Foodies is prettier with its stick-on murals. Pics/ Sachin Thakare

The Chicken Kabuli Kebab (Rs 200) could have been hotter, considering it came out of a tandoor. Instead, it was lukewarm and stuffed with minced chicken and fat chunks of garlic. Layered with shredded cheese blended into shredded cabbage, it was like something you eat in a college canteen.

The mains were toned down and definitely a notch higher than the appetisers. Our Aloo Bhaja (Rs 90) was so crisply fried that the finely sliced slices of potatoes could put a factory-machine to shame.

Afghani Chicken

It’s lovely crunch complemented the smoothness of the Fish Curry (Rs 190). It was a bit high on salt yet pleasantly calming. The Fillet Surmai was not over-powered by the onion-tomato spiced gravy and retained its bite and flavour. We ordered some white, fluffy Steamed Rice (Rs 90) to go along and were happy with the deep, tummy-satisfying meal.

Foodies is a relaxed place for everyone who lives in the neighbourhood and wants a quick dinner out. They also home deliver lunches and dinners. It’s perfect for those days when you just want to eat “regular khana” without the pain of preparing it.

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